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“Jason takes pride in what he does and training with him has made me a better, stronger, faster athlete!”

Thanks for all the help you provided me while I was in High School Jason.  My Dad found you at a perfect time in my development and I miss training with you.  You pushed me to my limits and I always enjoyed the workout even when my body didn’t.

“Even when I am feeling tired, I think of you and how you know how to light a fire within me to compete!”

“I have never seen Shannon wanting to go strength train so eagerly!  She has really benefited  a lot from the past several months and more to come!”

“#1 You’re AWESOME. #2 My Vertical Increased! #3 I feel so prepared mentally and physically its AMAZING #4.  Thank You”

“She moves faster and jumps a lot higher!  She is definitely improving as the season moves along.  Thank you for all your training”

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