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Title: Strength and Conditioning Coach

Julian RamirezCoach Julian Ramirez has over 4 years of training experience working with athletes of all ages, sports, and experience levels.

With a B.S. in Kinesiology from California State University, Fullerton he started his career working as an intern for the 2014 NFL Combine prep class at Velocity in Irvine, CA. He earned a full-time roll and began learning more about the philosophy, art and science of coaching and business from his mentors and colleagues. The combination of formal education and experienced practices has given Coach Julian meticulous eye for what athletes need and want to thrive in their sport.

“My goal is to deliver invaluable service to all my clients. I take great pride and passion in helping others realize their true potential.”

A lot of his passion for helping athletes improve performance comes from his own experience with sports and movement. Coach Julian grew up playing basketball, baseball, and football and participating in any outdoor activity he could.

“I was a very rambunctious kid growing up. I always had to be on the move whether it was running around outside, playing at the park, or jumping on our couches at home. So, I think that a career assessing and analyzing movement seemed like a great choice for me.”

It was during his freshman year of high school playing running back in high school that he developed an interest in learning more about how athletes become stronger, faster, and better in general.  That interest grew into a passion that today he hopes to share with youth athletes who desire the same goal.

“Athletes know what they want but are either confused or don’t know how to get there. I’m here to proudly help them in that discovery and get them to where they want to be.”

Coach Julian remains a constant learner of his craft and is always finding ways to challenge his thinking to better serve his clients. He is excited for the opportunity to work alongside other talented coaches here at Alpha Athletics.

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