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Take Your Volleyball Skills to the Next Level!

Jump higher. Hit harder. React quicker.

Alpha Athletics - Providing Top-Notch Training for Orange County's Finest Athletes.

Excellence is Within You

There is no greatness without passion to be great. Through passion and purpose, we change lives.

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Unlock Your Potential with Specialized Strength Conditioning Training at Alpha Athletics

Volleyball-specific Performance Training

Volleyball is a demanding sport that requires the body to be able to create and accept force from the ground, along with taking numerous one arm swings.  This combination can be taxing on the body.  That’s where sports performance training comes into play.  We all understand that volleyball players need to jump high and hit hard.  But their specific training needs might be to develop a better landing, or to get the shoulder in the optimal strength position to withstand numerous swings.  Then we have an efficient, well-tuned athlete that can perform optimally and effectively.

What Makes Us Different Makes Us Better

We take each athlete and perform the Functional Movement Screen on them to better understand their abilities and needs.  Each person is different and we need to understand the proper way to train each athlete individually.  If we don’t assess them, then we are guessing.  Once we understand their individual needs, we go to the drawing board and create a program fitted for them.  This is the extra step that’s taken to ensure your athlete gets exactly what they need and nothing less.  Their performance is our priority.

Alpha Athletes - Past and Present

</p> <p><center>Cassie Strickland, Washington</center>

Cassie Strickland, Washington

</p><div class='mailmunch-forms-in-post-middle' style='display: none !important;'></div> <p><center>Makensie Bates, UCSD</center>

Makensie Bates, UCSD volleyball player

</p> <p><center>Tia Scambray, Washington</center>

Tia Scambray, Washington

</p> <p><center>Hanna Gleason, Utah State</center>

Hanna Gleason, Utah State volleyball player

</p> <p><center>Bailey Tanner, Washington</center>

Bailey Tanner, Washington volleyball player

</p> <p><center>Sarah Krufka, Sacred Heart</center>

Sarah Krufka, Sacred Heart volleyball player
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