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Football Strength & Conditioning
at Alpha Athletics

Excellence is Within You!


Unlock Your Football Potential with Specialized Strength Conditioning Training at Alpha Athletics

Football-Specific Performance Training

Football is a physical contact sport that requires a combination speed, power, and strength. Being able to avoid, deliver, and withstand collisions from other players occur throughout a football game. Sports performance training for football players consists of working on body control and explosive strength as well as position specific exercises.

What Makes Us Different, Makes Us Better

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a staple in creating our individualized training program for each of our Alpha Athletes. We understand that there are multiple positions on a football team as well as different individual needs. These needs and their FMS score, will be taken into account when designing the best plan for each athlete. Mobility exercises combined with functional strength training will be used to build a strong foundation and help prevent future injuries. Proper nutrition will also be discussed to help aid in recovery and peak sports performance. Our job is to maximize each individuals athletic potential to help them excel on the field.
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