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Depth Drop to Lateral Push-Off

Looking for another way to become more explosive laterally? Utilize a depth drop! This may look familiar for those who have seen my “Depth Box Jump” video, but what’s different about this one is that instead of producing forces VERTICALLY, you are producing forces HORIZONTALLY.

The main thing to remember about this exercise is that you are trying to MINIMIZE ground contact time, so the moment you come off the box and hit the ground, you should be rapidly performing the lateral push-off with no time to spare. The nature of this exercise is difficult within itself, but it is highly effective due to the fact that it has a reactive component to it where you are required to quickly, but safely, absorb forces, then turn that around and rapidly apply forces to move laterally ↔️.

Give these a try and let me know how it goes! Please be aware that these are for the more advanced/trained individuals who have the basics of landing down. Good luck!

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