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Benefits of Band-Resisted Kettlebell Swings


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Here’s an example of the Kettlebell Swing that has been progressed by the addition of a strength/power band. By adding this band we can further enhance the athlete’s potential ability to unlock more speed/power capabilities within the sagittal plane.

How does adding a band help with this?

Simply put, this addition requires the individual to produce forces at a faster rate than normal in order to really get the kettlebell moving against the bands’ progressive resistance. With that being said, it also challenges the individual to quickly stabilize & hit the brakes against the oncoming forces of the band as it returns to normal length. The big picture behind all of this is that you are now challenging & improving the athlete’s ability to quickly get in and out of the hip hinge pattern with the intention of producing large amounts of forces in the process.

Now that you’ve got that knowledge, go out and give it a try! As always, have fun with it!

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