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Baseball Pitcher Exercise to Improve Speed & Power Capabilities

Rotational Single Arm Med Ball Punches

Here we have a baseball pitcher utilizing the Rotational Single Arm Med Ball Punches to help improve his speed/power capabilities in the horizontal plane ↔️. This is one of the many great medicine ball exercises that we use to help develop athletes who are required to quickly produce forces in this plane of motion (horizontal/transverse plane).

If you were curious, the rhythmic figure 8 motion in the beginning helps the athlete learn how to transfer his weight into his hips before performing the actual throw. A lot of athletes have trouble with this important piece and will typically just rotate through their torso without utilizing their hips and glutes to move the load. Conclusively, the rhythmic pattern helps smooth out the exercise as a whole and it will help the athlete properly position themselves before the actual throw.

Athlete: @joshfink2001

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