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Why we are different.  Why we are leading the industry. 

We believe in a very simple concept: Do what’s right.  Alpha Athletics provides a service of training and professionalism that you won’t find at other gyms or big chain performance centers.  Excellence Is Within Us.  We got you.

Check out a recent interview by Fitness of Fire TV with Founder Jason Arnold discussing the keys to preparing the body for correct and purposeful movement.



Cutting Edge Training Philosophies

Movement training is groundbreaking, and it is the foundation of performance training.  ALL people have to learn to crawl before they learn to walk; and most programs out there are having athletes run and jump without the ability to “crawl” first. It is imperative to build a solid functional base for the athletes’ body to perform at its best. You can’t build a mansion on a shack foundation. Most have it backwards! Look at the diagram below regarding the Optimal Performance Pyramid:

Mobility, Balance and Coordination (i.e. correct movement patterns under Alpha Athletics guidance) need to be addressed first in all athletes. Then they can work on Strength and Power in those correct patterns. Once they master these patterns with Strength and Power (through their designed program with us), the Skill (i.e. hitting, shuffling, jumping, etc) will be more efficient and improved! Most programs don’t do these in this order. They go right into jumping/swinging/sprinting, etc.

Increase Efficiency to Increase Results

The body is less efficient with dysfunctional movement patterns and asymmetry, meaning one side isn’t as functional as the other. By using the screen, we can find the athletes weakest link(s) and improve them.  This will help accelerate their results and break through plateaus because of increased efficiency. We want them to progress and get better.

If You’re Not Assessing You’re Guessing

Without a screen, how do you know what exercises are right and wrong for your particular body and its needs/deficiencies? The truth is, if you’re not assessing you’re guessing. With the screen, we can narrow our plan of attack down to exactly what the athlete needs to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time.  Going back to our core values of giving the client everything they needs and nothing they don’t.

Decrease Risk of Injury

You can’t get results if you are hurt. The screen allows us to see what the chances of injury may be, and allows us to program the best workout possible to make sure that the athlete stays injury free.


Know That Your Program is Working For You

Scoring criteria allows the client and the Alpha Athletics staff see if your movement patterns are improving, or if the training program is having a positive or negative effect on your baseline movement. This way you know what is happening with your training based on fact. See results. Make progress. Get better.

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