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Want to be faster and more explosive laterally? Try this.


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Explosive Cable Double Lateral Push-Offs

Want to be faster laterally ↔️ for multiple sports? Here’s a great, fun, and challenging exercise to help improve lateral explosiveness!

Whether you’re on offense trying to get past an opponent, or on defense reacting to the opponent in front of you, or if you’re just simply chasing after a ball, this is an excellent exercise to implement if you’re looking to improve in this area. The biggest things you want to focus on are:

  • keeping the core tight
  • staying low in an athletic position
  • making sure your shin angle is at an optimal position to push-off
  • executing full extension through the hips, knees, and ankles
  • & really finishing the push-off directly away from the body & through the big toe

Hope these were helpful, now get after it!

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