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Improve Speed & Acceleration with Band Resisted Sprints

Do you want to improve your speed and acceleration?  Want to get faster off your first step?  Here’s an excellent exercise to help you blow by your competition, set new PR’s, and chase down balls.

The idea is to improve your drive frequency (an important factor for improving speed) while working against a light resistance. Give these a shot and you will see an improvement in your speed development!

Some things to focus on:

  • Drive your knees hard & high
  • Get full hip extension (pull the ground behind you)
  • Use big arm drives
  • Increase overall drive rate
  • Keep your abs tight

An important thing to note is that you are really focused on moving FAST and being EXPLOSIVE.  As a result, don’t choose a band that will slow you down way too much. It is ideal to find one that will still allow you to move fairly quickly while still maintaining proper sprinting mechanics.

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