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Depth Jumps

Depth Jumps are one of our most favorite plyometric exercises due to its ability to greatly improve one’s explosive & reactive strength capabilities.

How so? Well, our muscles are made to lengthen and shorten as we go through all of our movement patterns, which ultimately means that they have elastic capabilities.

With that being said, in order to jump higher and be more explosive, you need to improve your muscles’ elastic capabilities by training yourself to absorb and produce force quickly (load to explode). Consequently, the depth jump is perfect for targeting this in particular because it forces you to rapidly absorb force then explode out of the bottom position as quickly as possible, making it an ultimate tool for improving your vertical jump.

Warning! Since this exercise forces you to absorb up to 1.5-3x your body weight depending on drop-off height, you need to choose a box height that will allow you to perform each rep properly and safely.

Key Points:

  1. Load & explode as fast as possible
  2. Utilize a big arm swing
  3. Get full triple extension
  4. Stay tall when loading & taking off
  5. Bend at the knees & stay tall upon landing
  6. Start off with a low drop off height then progress as needed.

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