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Jason Arnold, Founder of Alpha Athletics

Jason Arnold

Jason Arnold Over 17 years in the strength and conditioning industry, including 2 years working internationally with professional athletes and over 62,000 hours have been devoted to this craft. Founder…

Andrew Miranda

Andrew Miranda Andrew has a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa. He has over 6 years of experience in strength training and is well educated in…

Christopher Vu

Christopher Vu Christopher Vu is an Orange County native who has devoted most of his entire life to athletics, performance training, and coaching. He claims that this field of interest…

Julian Ramirez

Julian Ramirez

Coach Julian Ramirez has over 4 years of training experience working with athletes of all ages, sports, and experience levels. He remains a constant learner of his craft and is always finding ways to challenge his thinking to better serve his clients.
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